Kitsu Shierke

10yr old Underling looking to make a name for himself


Kitsu, while technically recognized as an adult by his species, is still the size of a kid with the stature of one as well. His stats reflect that. Low STR, CON, and INT scores because he has not had the time to develop anything close to physical strength or endurance, nor has he had the time to study knowledge outside his village. He is your standard kid that likes to run around, so he’s nimble and very dextrous. He was also blessed by spirits of the old gods with their wisdom.

CMD11 CMB[-3] HD[d8]

Stonebow- 1d4 (Yes this is a real thing, it is a crossbow designed to shoot like a sling)
Bullets- 40
Leather Armor- +2 AC +6 DEX Bonus


Just some quick additions to Kitsu’s personality.
- He has a random thought process a good bit of the time, much like someone with ADD jumps from topic to topic while somehow managing to keep in touch with everything around him.
- He will primarily ride on the shoulders or back of Ellie’s character (regardless if she approves or not) just so that he can keep up with the party and contribute.
- Qwelandra (my familiar/spirit animal) will primarily ride hidden from sight right below where my neck ends. She stays there so that people aren’t worried about what she is. In addition to this, Qwelandra can and will attach herself to anyone that I deem a friend. While attached she will make every attempt to remain hidden from view.
- My leather armor comes with a complementary black cloth body suit so as to not allow sunlight to ocntact my skin in anyway. The cloth around my head is separated into a mask that covers everything below my nose and a hood that hugs close to my head and is tight enough so that it won’t fall down.
- When I use my hexes one of many effects will take place to either me or the target of my hex. A dark mist will flow from my being towards my target, the target’s shadow or shadows around the target will engulf it, or even my own shadow will warp and carry out my hex.
- He carrys a wand with him wherever he goes that once belonged to his deceased mother, or so that is what he has been told. It’s a basic looking wand with tendrils engraved over its entirety, with the widest part of them towards the base of the wand.


Leaving your home is never an easy task, regardless of who you are. It just requires so much work and preparation. I always thought that I would be fine if I just gathered as much food, water, and clothing I could carry and set out. Surely things would work out the same way they do in the stories, right? Surely those stories wouldn’t be lies? Well, I’m still waiting for things to turn out like they do in the stories, so until they do I will keep my story in a journal, like in the stories.

10 years ago, in my hometown of Eorz (ey-orz) I was born into the care of the village as my mother passed while giving birth to me and my father had supposedly died while he was out gathering supplies. While the whole village helped in taking care of me, it was primarily our village’s chieftain, Minat (mee-naught), who took me under his wing. Minat raised me like I was his own child, teaching me how to walk, speak, and write while overseeing my growth and bringing out the fullest of my childhood. When I was 6, Minat and I were walking in the cave system beneath the village. Minat said that this cave had been around since before the world was flooded and has “stood proud against the flow of time”, whatever that means. While we were walking around there was a slight tremor and the portion of the floor that Minat and I were standing on gave way and we plummeted through the new opening. I awoke with a sharp pain in my left leg and my head feeling kinda groggy, but I was alive and that was important.

After laying on the ground for a while, I decided that I would try to get up and check on Minat and also try to find a way out of this hole. I was able to safely stand up, even though my leg screamed at me the whole time, and limp around trying to figure out our surroundings. I found Minat not too far from where I landed, he was unconscious but he was breathing and ok. It seemed that we fell into an old ritual room of sorts. The altar was standing in the center of the room with a circle of braziers around it still filled with incense. I couldn’t see what was on top of the altar in the center so I climbed up to the top of it using the engraved designs to pull myself up with. Once at the top I saw a solid black orb sitting by itself. I quickly grabbed at the orb and jumped off the side of the altar landing squarely on my feet. Wanting to take a closer look at the orb, I sat down and started looking it over as thoroughly as my mind could handle. Other than the odd color of the orb there really wasn’t anything that stood out about it. I couldn’t feel any etchings put onto it, it was the same temperature as the rest of the room, and it didn’t make me feel any different by holding it. In fact, it fit perfectly in my tiny hands.

Just as I was beginning to roll it between my hands, Minat woke up and started to stir awake. As he looked at me and saw what I was holding he screamed at me to stop what I was doing and give him the orb. I panicked and did indeed stop what I was doing, but unfortunately I also dropped the orb sending it straight to the ground where it landed with a shattering noise. As the orb shattered the room filled with a cloud of dust and magic which spun around the room before forming a mass in front of me. The mass of magic and dust formed what looked like a small black gathering of rocks floating in front of me. Minat rushed to get up and tried to run towards me, and was knocked back by a cloud of darkness oozing from the rocks that had forced itself between Minat and myself like a wall of shadow. As Minat steadied himself, the darkness swirled around me and went inside me! Entering from my mouth, eyes, any opening that it could fit inside the darkness found a way into my body.

At the sight of this, Minat fell to his knees with tears running down his cheeks apologizing over and over. I don’t know why he was doing this, I was fine as far as I knew. My body didn’t hurt, in fact it felt lighter. I also had a rush of old knowledge run through my head, so much so that I still haven’t been able to sort through everything given that day. After the last bit of the darkness was inside me, the strange rock formation started orbiting around me, following me where ever I went like a lost puppy.

Not like a puppy, young one. Like a god of the old days…

I asked Minat if he had said anything, but he was face down still apologizing to me.

My name is Qwelandra (kweh-laun-dra) and you are my new vassal in this world. You will help me and my brethren and in return you will have access to my powers.

My mind rushed with the possibility of greater things in life! In our society, one’s name is everything, and if you don’t have one, then you are overlooked in most cases. So far I have been able to get by with Minat’s name as “One who leads all”, but I’m no leader. I can’t possibly hope to inherit his will. With this even someone like me can become someone like in the stories, a hero!

A door on the opposite side of where we were standing started to shake, and broke open as a rescue party came looking for us after they heard the tremor. However their attitudes quickly went from joyous to dread as they not only saw Minat still on the floor apologizing, but also the rock formation orbiting me. And thus ended the last peaceful day that I can remember.

People never really associated with me too much, but they were nice enough towards me. I played with the other kids, I was liked throughout the schools, and people appreciated my presence. After that day, things got worse. I was treated as a pariah, a thief, and a heathen. I was even given the name “Bringer of Darkness” to top it off. Even Minat acted differently towards me, even though he tried his best to remain the same. He didn’t act the same as the others in the village, instead he acted out of sadness and with pity for the situation I was unwittingly forced into.
4 long years went by, and my situation never changed. People never forgot their ill feelings towards me. But throughout it all, Qwelandra taught me how to manifest not only her, but also her powers in many different ways. I learned how to cloak myself in her shadows, blending in with the darkness so that none of them could find me. I learned how to heal myself and others, though no one appreciated it. I even learned how to defend myself if the need ever showed itself. So I decided on the eve of my 10th birthday that I was going to take what I had learned over the past few years and set out on my own to accomplish my side of the bargain, though I still don’t know what that is at the moment.

Kitsu Shierke

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