Riverfolk (Humanoid/ Aquatic)

As their namesake implies, Riverfolk are a people indigenous to freshwater areas across the world. Of course, such places are a rarity nowadays. Fortunately, they have developed the abilty to breathe oxygen naturally over time.

Riverfolk are humanoid figures, their skin smooth and varying shades of green and blue. They typically stand between five and six feet tall, and they tend to be of skinny builds. They are completely hairless, and typically have black irises. They have been known to have fins along their calves, the back of their forearms, and even the top of their heads. Along their necks are slit like gills that allow them to breathe in fresh water environments. Depening on ancestry, they can have webbing along their fingers or toes that are tipped with black colored nails. Despite standing out notably, they do bare a notable resemblence to humans.

Riverfolk mature at age fifteen, setting out to make their own life and perhaps start a family with a prospective mate. Relationships between riverfolk and humans are not unheard of, and such unions generally produce human offspring. However, riverfolk in such a relationship almost always outlive their human partners, as they live on an average of up to two hundred years before dying.

As adventurers, Riverfolk are known to take to just as many classes as humans do. Some are stronger than others, some smarter.

Riverfolk claim to be descendants of the long extinct elves, and they carry on a tradition of taking on elven names despite having their own language.

Racial Qualities

- Riverfolk are medium sized creatures.

- +2 to one attribute. Riverfolk can adapt to fit most any role they see fit to take up.

- Riverfolk have a normal movement speed of 30 feet, and they have a swim speed of 20 feet.

- Riverfolk begin play knowing Common and Aquan. Those starting play with a high intelligence score can learn Draconic, Dwarven, Goblin, Giant, and Orc.

- Riverfolk can breathe in fresh water, but cannot in salt water. Still, they can hold their breath for a long time: four rounds times their constitution score. They do find being immersed in salt water very discomforting, and take 1d4 nonlethal damage for every minute they are in it.

- Riverfolk are notably clean of body and sound of mind, and as such have a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against diseases and mind affecting abilities.

- Riverfolk can channel the electric currents in their body to cast Resist Energy once per day as a spell like ability.

- Riverfolk possess darkvision of up to 60 feet.

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Underlings (Humanoid)

Underlings are creatures that almost exclusively lived beneath the earth before the flood. They made their homes in tunnels and massive cave systems, and though they are a civilized race they only rarely came to the surface world to trade. With the flood, many died out and failed to reach safety in time, leaving comparibly few left today.

Most wouldn’t be able to tell you what an underling truly looks like, as they all wear specialized clothing to prevent the sun’s rays from making contact with their skin. For some reason, they are susceptible to a deadly illness known only to affect their kind if they are exposed for too long. They typically wear a hooded cloak, along with gloves and anything else they may need to cover themselves. The mouths of their hoods are covered by a special black meshing that conceals all but their glowing eyes (typically yellow, green, or red) and allows them to see clearly ourward. Adults usually stand between three and four feet tall, weighing between thirty and fifty pounds.

While races above the surface of their homes took to naming them “Underlings”, they refer to themselves as “Earthkin”, and many other races as “Ground Walkers”- perhaps with the exception of Riverfolk. They are usually a reserved, timid folk, as they generally are very much out of their element on the surface world. They generally enjoy living in darker, more confined places.

Underlings are supposedly descendants from a rodentlike humanoid, but despite this they can live well beyond a human’s normal lifespan- up to two hundred year. Furthermore, they are considered to be mature at the age of ten.

Being that their suits are constantly at risk of tearing, Underling adventureres typically carry sewing kits to make hasty repairs. They tend to take up classes that keep them away from the front lines, often becoming rogues, gunslingers, or wizards.

Male sample names: Luka, Moku, Juno, Po
Female sample names: Kiki, Neema, Lula, Tiff

Some middle aged underlings take up titles that reflect their profession, history, or personality, such as: “The One Who Ponders”, “She That Serves the People”,or “One of Many Sorrows”. These names are generally given by elders that know the individual on some personal level.

Racial Qualities

+2 dexterity, +2 wisdom, -2 charisma. Underlings are naturally shy, but they tend to easily take up work that lets them use their dexterous hands, and their shyness gives them inherently good perception.

Underlings have Darkvision of up to 60 feet.

Underlings are small creatures, and have the associated bonuses and penalties for being small.

Underlings have a slow move speed of 20 feet.

Underlings begin play knowing Common and Dwarven, and those with high intelligence can learn Elven, Aquan, Orcish, Draconic, or Goblin.

Underlings are immune to petrification, and ingested poisons. Contact poisons still function normally against them.

Underlings have a +2 racial bonus to Reflex saving throws.

Underlings reduce the penalty for using stealth while moving at full speed by 5, and they reduce the stealth check penalty for sniping by 10.

While standing on stone or in an underground area, underlings can ignore the penalties for moving through difficult terrain.

Underlings gain a +2 bonus to perception checks, and it is always a class skill for them.

Underlings that are exposed to direct sunlight for 2d4 minutes are exposed to Radiation Sickness. First stage: -2 to strength. Second stage: -2 to all physical scores. Final stage: Death.

- – - – - – - – - -

Usimi (Humanoid) (Oo-sim-me)

Usimi are a race of creatures that are strikingly similar to humans, besides a few monkeylike features that set them apart. Their home was on a vast jungle that spanned an entire continent, but it was drowned much like everything else. They make for natural sailors and adventurers, and are a common sight throughout the world.

Appearance wise, what most notably sets Usimi apart from humans are their long tails and rounded ears atop their head, both usually covered in fur that matches their hair colors. Oddly, they lack body hair but the hair on their heads tend to grow very thick and long, and Usimi who wish to keep it short find it a constant chore to do so. As such, most let it grow down all the way to their waists or just shortly after, where the growing tends to stop. Their hair comes in many colors, but the most common are black, blonde, white, red, and brown. More perceptive folk would also point out that the canines in their mouths are a bit larger and sharper than most humans, and that almost all Usimi have an inherently athletic build. Generally, adult usimi stand between five and six feet tall, weighing between 120 to 170 pounds.

Usimi mature at about the same rate as humans do, but they live just slightly longer on average at 115 years.

Usimi are strong, limber creatures that make natural adventurers. They are generally brave, if a bit brash. As such, they much prefer being in the melee of combat as opposed to sitting back and attacking at range. They are most commonly seen as fighters, rogues, rangers, or barbarians.

Usimi typically have human names, as they identify closest to them. At one point in history, individual usimi did not have names, rather being recognized by their rank or status within their clans. They still have clan names today, but they do little more than a human’s surname would.

Usimi sample clan names: White-Mane, Swift-Paw, Great-Leaper, Tree-Clamber, Wind-Rider.

Racial Qualities

+2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom. Usimi are naturally strong and find it hard to stay still, happily taking to the trees or rigging of a ship if possible. They tend to find trouble often, as they can be quite impatient.

Usimi are medium creatures that have a normal movement speed of 30 feet.

Usimi begin play knowing Common. Usimi with high intelligence scores can also begin with Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Aquan, or Orcish.

Usimi are natural climbers, and have a climb speed of 20 feet, and have the +8 to climb checks that a climb speed affords them.

Usimi gain a +1 racial bonus to climb and athletics checks, and they are both always class skills for them.

Usimi have a natural bite attack that deals 1d3 damage.

Being brave comes naturally to Usimi, giving them a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against fear effects.

Usimi are more balanced than other races, and gain a +4 racial bonus to resist trip or bull rush attempts while standing on solid ground.

Usimi have prehensile tails that can hold small items and retrieve an such an item on their person as a swift action. Their tails are not strong enough to wield weapons, however.

- – - – - – - – - -

Ursien (er-see-an) (Monstrous Humanoid)

Among the civilized folk, there’s no question as to who is the most imposing race. Despite their large, threatening exterior, ursien tend to be easygoing folk with simple interests. Ursien do love spending time with a dear friend, whether it’s adventuring with them or having them over for a game of cards.

Ursien resemble bipedal bears, with hind legs more suited to walking upright. They have feet and hands ending with five clawed digits, one aposable. Their bodies are covered in thick, rough fur that is typically brown or black, with some developing snowy white coats while living in colder environments. With age, their fur tends to grey in spots until it eventually covers them. They have pointed snouts on their faces that sometimes possesses a different color than the rest of their bodies. They walk with a slight hunch, still standing between six and six feet eight inches tall.

Ursien typically stay with their families until age twenty, at which point they set out to start a life for themselves. Ursien take life slowly and as it comes to them, so it tends to be difficult to tell when an individual is slowing down for the end of their life. On average, they live a long life- to age two hundred.

It should come to no surprise that ursien adventurers tend to take more front line roles in combat, but it’s not merely because of their tough exterior- most ursien travel with their friends, and it comes as almost instinctual to them to stand between a close friend and death.

Sample male names: Gurzga, Osko, Brandwold, Rusk
Sample female names: Hilga, Olinda, Rizzga, Gretti

Racial Qualities

2 Constitution,2 Strength, -2 Intelligence. Ursien are big and tough, but are a bit simple minded.

Ursien are medium creatures that move at a slow speed of 20 feet, but their spped is never modified by armor or encumbrance.

Ursien begin play knowing Common. Ursien with high intelligence scores can also begin knowing Dwarven, Elven, Aquan, Draconic, or Orcish.

Ursien have darkvision of up to 60 feet.

Ursien are difficult to intimidate, and thus have a +2 bonus on saving throws against fear effects.

Though not aquatic creatures, Ursien are used to swimming in order to fish or simply for leisure. Therefore, they have a swim speed of 20 feet, and have a +8 racial bonus to swim checks.

Ursien can perform two claw attacks as a primary attack. The claws are treated as natural weapons and deal 1d4 damage each.

Being naturally tough, Ursien have a +1 natural armor bonus to their armor class, and they gain toughness as a bonus feat at first level.

- – - – - – - – - -

Sareul (Humanoid) (sah-rool)

The sareul are an artistic people from the desert nation of Atlamor Valley. Their home was destroyed long before the flood, by a dragon named For’thir and his army of golems. Nontheless, they managed to find places amongst other societies as artists, diplomats, and traders.

Sareul resemble humans in several ways, including average height and weight- but they do have notable differences that set them apart. Most notably, they tend to be completely bald, regardless of gender. Their skin tones tend to be of darker shades, but on rare occasion one might be born with ghostly white skin. Their irises are always a silver color, and their pupils are as white as the rest of their eyes. Their ears are slightly pointed at the upper corner, but they do not seem to come from elven ancestry.

Sareul mature slightly faster than humans, considered adults at age fifteen. Middle age seems to come later for them, and even at a venerable age they retain some of their good looks. They live to about age one hundred.

Sareul usually take to less physically threatening careers than adventuring, as their natural talents usually lie in speechcraft or art. Nonetheless, a sareul storyteller or historian may put their talents to good use in an adventuring party, usually as a bard. The sareul sorcerer is a rarity, but the race celebrates the rare few born naturally talented in magic- as they were once believed to be reincarnations of past rulers. Of course, they no longer believe this- but they recognize the past belief as an important part of their culture.

Male sample names: Hassar, Oseft, Andran, Dranir, Sirius
Female sample names: Shera, Theria, Estil, Deiseerae, Skadi

Racial Qualities

+2 Charisma, +2 Intelligence, -2 Strength. Sareul are naturally good looking, and they have a preference for honing their minds rather than their bodies.

Sareul are a medium sized race that move at a normal speed of 30 feet.

Sareul begin play knowing common and those with high intelligence scores can also begin knowing draconic, aquan, elven, dwarven, or orcish.

Sareul have low light vision.

Sareul gain a +1 bonus to diplomacy and bluff checks, which are always class skills for them.

Sareul have a resistance of 5 to fire damage, as they are more adaptable to hot climates.

Sareul are able to focus more easily than other creatures, even during combat. They have a +1 racial bonus to all saving throws, to reflect this.

Once per day, when making a diplomacy or bluff check, Saruel can roll twice for the check and take the better result.


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