There are only two deities that are commonly worshipped, but their followers are a common sight. These deities can give access to all domains and associated powers, as only their most faithful are gifted with divine power.

Ebrus (Good)
Ebrus is the most widely reverred deity bar none. His existence is generally unquestioned, as the divine power he grants his priests are evidence enough. That is not to say there aren’t nonbelievers or skeptics, but amongst the world’s people it is not a subject of much debate.

Legend has it that Ebrus has walked among his faithful before, and even intermingled with mortals on occasion. Humans prefer to think that he looks similar to them, but in truth Ebrus can take whatever form he pleases.

Ebrus’s clerics are known to travel the world, bringing supplies to the needy and ease to the suffering. He does have paladins, but most prefer to serve as guards rather than adventurers.

Sothol (Evil)
Sothol was a forgotten being until recent times, as his old relics surfaced due to the great flood. Sothol is recognized as the creator of demons, devils, abominations, and many other monstrosities.

Sothol is a being whose very image is described to bring despair to any who gaze upon him, but some unfortunate few have claimed to see him. He is described as a great, imposing thing that could blot out the sun with his size. His body is covered in tendrils and appendages, and his mighty maw is lined with a sinister set of needle-sharp teeth.

It is believed by his cultist followings that Sothol caused the world flood to signal his coming, and that they are being forewarned to prepare for his arrival. As to the inticacies to such preparation, all but the highest ranking of the cult are ignorant.


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