Classes and How the World Views Them

Barabarians: It is a difficult life for those who channels their inner rage. Often the ships that they seek to travel upon are too small to contain their rampages, and the waterborn cities generally do not tolerate violent outbursts that may cause long lasting harm. Barbarians are uncommon sights, and many who do walk their path have learned to contain themselves until the time is right.

Bards: The men and women who sing and spin tales of better times are a welcomed sight indeed. They appear most in taverns and bars, where many come to forget their hardships if only for a time.

Clerics: Clerics are typically followers of Ebrus, and many do enjoy the life of adventure. They are typically driven to protect the innocent and to help the weak. Clerics are typically a welcome sight, but recently they have come under attack by members of Sothol’s cult.

Druids: The primal spirits of the earth are distant, even moreso with the world flooding over previous ancestral homes. They are not unreachable however, and a select few are able to channel their powers for their betterment. Most druids would feel uneasy on water based settlements, and even more so on ships. As such, many choose to live as recluses on what little land is exposed over the grand sea.



Paladins: While there are paladins that follow Ebrus, they typically do not follow the life of adventure. Rather, many paladins devote their lives to upholding an ideal, such as Justice or Patience. Holding to lives of virtue brings them inner strength by which they are able to channel divine spells and paladin powers. Paladins that learn their powers by self discipline cannot lose them unless by choice, and on occasion paladins do make such a decision if they fell they’ve fallen short of their often lofty goals.





Classes and How the World Views Them

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