Uschi Graubär

A Young adult white ursien brawler


The Graubär clan are honored by the other Ursien clans due to their early graying fur. Grey furs are always treated with respect as they are the elders. The Graubär clan has always greyed early, usually fully grey by their mid life (ie. late 90’s) while other clans fully grey around 150.

Uschi is a 6’ 5’’ white ursien, that has large grey spots across her coat, clear majestic blue eyes that suggest a caring nature that the Ursien are known for. Most commonly she is seen in leather armor but never appears to be armed, and for that is rather approachable.


Uschi grew up almost completely on salvage boats and and the docks that birthed them. Always following her father around she quickly grew to love the trade. Her father, Sige Graubär, was a honored man among the lost and rare antiquities world and captained The Jayne, named for his now diseased wife.

Five years ago, Uschi was on a normal salvage and rescue voyage near the coast of enter city name here where a ship had just sunk, The Jewel of the Storm. It was reported to not have much crew but as always since the Flood, the wood was valuable to be reclaimed. Uschi, Sige, and three others entered the choppy waters to inspect the cargo and look for any crew. The cargo held not much inside save for some water logged food. While looking around Sige came across a door that was barred, seemingly to have something of great value inside. Upon prying the door open he discovered a young Sareul boy that was sucking on a Bottle of Air that was nearly depleted.

Sige quickly grabbed the boy and handed him off to Uschi as it appeared he did not swim well. Sige rose to the surface carrying some of the salvaged wood. As he appeared at the surface he was shot, by arrows, and killed. Upon seeing this, after the initial shock, Uschi stayed hidden under the Jewel for a few minutes by stealing a quick breath of air from the unconscious Sareul that she was still holding onto . After a few minutes they surfaced. With the chaos of Sige’s and 2 other crew’s murder still fresh in mind, Uschi promised vengeance on the man who killed her beloved father. She took over as captain of her father’s sloop, The Jayne, and decided that she would continue Graubär Salvage. Uschi then turned to the child and asked his name.

He replied Cyrus, Cyrus Odnair. Uschi liked the adventurous child and decided to watch over him until he came of age, less he be put in a children’s home. (Children’s homes did not seem to respect that fact that Sareul come of age at 15 and would have kept him there until he was 18. Given Cyrus’ adventurous and brash nature he decided to stay on with Uschi.

They continued on salvaging and all the while hunting for information on who ordered the attack and why it occurred. Cyrus remembered some details that he heard his mother and father speaking but not all. Those were, however the only threads that they had to go on. Over the years they learned that a man known as James Orner, Warlord of Icbrycg (pronounced Ice-burg) was responsible for the attack. As Cyrus’ parents had been working on something for him, but it is unknown what or if the research is still around.

Uschi Graubär

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